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About the Chemtogether team

Our concept

The Internet is obviously the medium of our time. It has already changed the way we communicate, shop and seek information. We believe in the liberating democracy of the web as a free and dynamic venue to source, exchange and share intelligence, news and views. Chemtogether is one of several sites we are developing to bring together people working in specific communities, industries and professions. Our objective is to provide online venues that empower people to find each other in order to share their knowledge, expertise, ideas and thoughts - across the world, across sectors, across generations. In many areas, but particularly in the Chemical Industry, there is gulf between Academe and Application we'd like to help bridge it.

Our Team

We are a dynamic organisation reflecting today's technologies and requirements. Given that our systems and designs are mainly web-based, we moved our office to cyberworld. By doing so we can provide a 24/7 efficient and current service. You can contact our virtual office by clicking here. Of course there are real people behind the scene who have spent many months developing and creating our sites. Indeed, we have an enthusiastic international team working in the UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Indonesia, Australia and elsewhere who have actively contributed. We are living in a multi-dimensional world needing a multi-tasking approach. So our team is multi-disciplinary with diploma, bachelor, master & doctorate degrees in Programming, Systems Analysis, Chemistry, Geology, Water System Engineering, Medicine, Psychology, Graphic Design, Web Design, Architecture, Education, Business Administration and Politics. Together we're trying to fuse art, science, experience and practice.

Our Experience

All the content of this site was designed, developed and created by us. All intellectual property rights and copyright belong to IDMA (Intelligent Data Matching & Analysis), a limited company registered in the UK. IDMA uses software developed over 25 years to design and implement systems for internet, stand-alone and intranet applications. These systems have been used extensively by UK local & central government bodies and by the Metropolitan Police. The Chemtogether website utilises these concepts the more effectively to allow members to find the people or information they are seeking. Yet we also sincerely respect and protect individual privacy. We are properly registered and strictly adhere to the UK Data Protection Act.

How you can help

Individuals create communities. We have provided the canvas it's up to you to make your mark. Your thoughts, ideas and expertise are what's needed to make this site into a dynamic and symbiotic meeting place.

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