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Chemical Industry Network & Chemistry Forum

The Free Who's Who Database and Network for the Chemical Industry

Chemtogether is specifically created for people working in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry and is entirely driven by its members. So the more people sign up, the more it will benefit you and the whole community. You can join regardless of what you do, who you work for or where you are. Our objective is to provide an online venue that empowers people. They can find each other, share their knowledge, expertise, ideas and thoughts - across the world, across sectors, across generations. In the Chemical Industry there is gulf between Academe and Application this site could bridge it.

Chemtogether will help your career by enabling you:

  • to find, contact and network with others more effectively
  • to find & to be found by others with similar interests & expertise to your own
  • to find or recommend suppliers, consultants and services
  • to find ex-colleagues, friends and re-establish lost contacts
  • to offer or seek services, jobs, specialists and expert advice
  • to share your knowledge, expertise and contacts
  • to exchange information, ideas and views
  • to discuss Chemistry related topics, research and news

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