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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register?

    Please go the register page and follow instructions.

  • What details can others see about me?

    Only the fields that you fill in on the registration form. Some personal data fields will not be revealed to other members.

  • What can I see about other members?

    You can search on fields that you have filled in about yourself, so the more information you provide the more you can see about others.

  • Can I change my details?

    Yes, you can change and update your details at any time. Click register and fill in or change the fields you want to.

  • How do I search?

    Click on search in the menu bar and chose the fields you wish to search on. You may search on any combination of fields.

  • How do I contact other members?

    You can send and receive messages via the forum.

  • How do I use the forum?

    Click forum on the menu bar. There you will find a comprehensive user's guide.

  • How many members are there?

    This will be available (along with lots of other information) on the Facts page as the site grows.

  • I did not receive my user ID and Password

    An email with your user ID and password is sent out to the email address you gave when you registered. Please contact us if you haven't received them.

  • I've forgotten my password

    You can request a new password in the log-in window.

  • I've forgotten my username

    You must contact us with your family name, first name and email. We'll try to help.

  • Can I unsubscribe?

    Yes, to remove your details completely, please contact us.

  • My question isn't here!

    Please contact us regarding any issues that are not covered here - together with any suggestions, comments or points you'd like to raise.

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